Lingo Solution

Founded in 2010, Lingo Solution is a pioneer in translation, transcription and other related services. We came up with a vision to wipe out the linguistic problems from the world which pose as a restriction in growth and development of any business dealing with clients overseas or in different parts of our own country. More than 1500 languages are spoken alone in our country and more than 5000 worldwide. Knowing each and every language is humanly not possible so we thought of finding the right people who know each of the required languages.

We offer a plethora of services like translation, transcription, interpretation, voice over, content writing, sub titling, placement and training in various regional as well as foreign languages. We cater to foreign languages including French, German, Chinese, Spanish and many more and regional languages like Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil and various others.

language tanslation services

Our team consists of qualified experts who have great amount of experience in this field. They are academically proficient and certified in the respective languages. We can proudly say that we are our clients’ favourite and all our clients have come to us repeatedly for our services. Our clients love us and we love it when we see them smiling. Client satisfaction is of utmost concern to us and we put all our efforts to bring out the best results.

We know how to stretch our work limits to submit work in short deadlines also. Our client’s work is our first priority and we finish and submit it in the stipulated time. You can be assured from our side of quality work, on time submission and a meticulous approach to finish the work.

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