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In the age of Globalization, communication holds the key to success. Success is important for the welfare of the society and communication in terms of language is the major player in the path of success. Therefore, solving the intricacies in toto, Lingo Solutions came into existence in 1999. The vision of Lingo Solution is to play a pivotal role in sorting out the linguistic problems which pose a threat to the growth and development of a company which operates in the international arena with a different set of languages as well as national regional languages.

We are pulling out all the stops to offer composite services like Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Voice Over and Placements to our clients in a comprehensive manner. Our honest approach with hard work and dedication have earned us many laurels from the satisfied clients whom we served over the past few years since our inception. We offer our services in many international languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Apart from this, we also offer our services in Regional languages for native clients.

Among the services offered by us, Translation is our forte. We do it accurately and ethically as well. To make it happen, we have an in-house team of language experts who enjoy a vast experience. They are academically proficient and trained in their subjects. We do not take any assignment if we lack the professional experts on the offered project. We normally try to deliver text to text translation. If clients want the meaning based translation, only then we do it provided we got written approval from clients end. Our team comprises Translators, Proof Readers and Editors. First, translator gets documents translated word by word in the desired language specified by clients, then it goes to Proof Reader who checks the spelling, punctuation and veracity of the text. Finally, the editor gives the thumbs up after taking everything into consideration as per translation standard. However, we keep documents confidential and always ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the clients.

The second important service in our armour is Interpretation. We provide many sorts of interpretation services like Language Interpretation, Semantics, Judicial Interpretation, Statutory Interpretation, and so on. We meet the global standards in delivering it on ethical grounds along with the feasible quote.

Our third category of services is Transcription. We are very proficient in providing the transcription services on three major segments like the business, legal and medical. We can provide it written as well as electronic text document, whichever is the need of clients

Apart from these three major services, we also provide Voice Over and Placement Services. We have a team of quality Voice Over artists who have been working in the industry for a long period of time. Their accent, tone, and modulations are of excellent quality. They are a well-acclaimed artist in the market.

Quality is paramount of our organization. We maintain it with the speedy delivery. We have been dealing with national as well as international clients meticulously. Their satisfaction and feedback have propelled us to emerge one of the leading service providers in the linguistic domain.

All in all, quality work, speedy delivery and meticulous approach are the hallmark of our roaring success.

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