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Looking for an accurately written format of the talk over a video or an audio file? We here at Lingo Solution Pvt Ltd. are at your service and provide the best quality and efficient Video transcription services as well as Audio transcription services. Since our inception in 2010, we have been primarily dealing with translation services that have been a grand success. However, lately, we have also been earning much fame in the Transcription service segment. For all the words that you speak, you will encounter an accurate and free flowing documentation of the same, when you hire our professional services.

It doesn’t matter how many speakers are there in the audio or video content. Our professional experts have an eye to deliver defined documentation in all cases without any exception whatsoever. In cases of critical and emergency project requirement, we deliver works as soon as possible. Yes, we acknowledge the age old saying that time is actually money. The process that we follow is not complicated and has a straight forward approach to it. If the rate is the concern, then there is nothing to worry as our rates are transparent and we provide value for money.

What do we offer?
Our audio and video transcriptions services are majorly centered on medical, legal and business related purposes. Our experts do have prior industry knowledge as well as experience. But, despite that, we, here at Lingo Solution Pvt Ltd make it a point to provide them with enough training exposures so that they can build on their existing skills and be at par with the present market demands. We understand that talent gradually rusts out if it is not nurtured with proper and timely training.

‘Old Habits Die Hard’. It is true in our case since our technical professional sees to it that you receive your money’s worth either on time or before but, never later.

Our Segments:

Attention to detail, adaptability, reliability, innovation as well as analytical skills is very important in this segment. Our team of professionals is fully equipped with all the required skills and comprise of efficient multi-taskers. In the growing industry of medical transcription services, our company has attained a reliable name with the quality and accuracy of the work that we deliver. Timely delivery of the same is also taken into much consideration.

A good legal transcript is characterized by a lot of things. There is no permission of creativity and flair of writing. The documentation by default has to be a word to word formatted one. We, here at Lingo Solution Pvt Ltd provide the exact solutions when it comes to Legal transcriptions. The precision and finesse with which our transcription experts deliver the work has gained us much fame in the industry and has bought the accounts of many reputed companies in our client base. Our experts are a pro when it comes down to the conversion of jargon into much simpler terms for better understanding, simultaneous listening and documenting skills, maintaining accuracy as well as multitasking. All these features have made a huge name in this field. 


Our Promises and services:

Our belief from the very root has been to maintain utmost transparency in both the approach to business as well as service charges. We offer best audio transcription services and video transcription services for:
•           Medical Transcriptions
•           Legal Transcriptions
•           Marketing and Financial Transcriptions

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