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Benefits of Mobile App Localization

Mobile app localization holds a very pivotal role. Numerous different mobile applications are already available globally and there is a cut-throat competition among them.

Many applications are known worldwide because of their user-friendly interface and few gain popularity among some particular age groups.

1. Whole World At Your Fingertips

Breaking the language barrier can help to tap into different global markets. If you get your app localized into the language of foreign markets, you can easily make your identity as a global name. Please note that different global markets cannot be catered at once as planning and implementation require a lot of time. Furthermore, you need to select the most potential markets first.

After you decide which countries to target, you need to localize the app according to their language and culture. Simple translation will not be adequate. You need to take help from native experts to get localized and quality results that can help to attain success in multiple markets.

2. Uncapped Sales Potential

Thanks to globalization, world tastes are merging. With continued access to information, we’re more conscious than ever before about things like our health, comfort and time management. What used to be incredibly specific to one geographic region is now far more often accepted as a norm. Just think about Netflix, Uber, and Amazon. While you’ll need to do your research before entering a new market, it stands to reason that if you have a popular app on your hands at home, it’s just as likely to be a hit overseas.

3. Get One Up On The Competition

Effective localization will help you stand out in the crowd. Some research studies indicate that a large number of smartphone users are inclined to delete the apps after a few minutes of downloading. Why?

Because either it is not user-friendly or they don’t understand the language. Thus, if you want users to enjoy using your app, you have to get it localized by the experts. Mobile app localization will provide you with a competitive edge and your audience would prefer you to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

In short, if you localize your application by paying great attention to the user-friendly interface, the users will admire your application.

4. Greater Visibility In The App Store

Localize your application and get high visibility in the app store. If your app is famous in one country, it does not mean that it will be famous in another country too. To enhance the visibility of your app in the app store you need to take care of the app store optimization strategy from the beginning.

Localizing the app including title and descriptions will boost your app visibility in Google Play and AppStore and you will get downloads from a broad range of geographical regions.

5. ROI is Guaranteed

Mobile app localization can seem costly at the start. Especially if you want to expand into several different markets. You’ll need a team of developers, translators, and local marketing experts to optimize your results. But, don’t let the cost of localizing your app put you off. Distomo found out that when apps are localized, they get more downloads. How many more downloads? A massive 128% more! Instead of rolling out one language version of your app for all markets and hoping for the best, you’ll be massively increasing your shot at success.

Jul 01, 2020 by Mohd Ali Saifi