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Here at Lingo Solutions Pvt Ltd, along with the translations and transcription services we also have a segment of interpretation services. Our client base when it comes to our Interpretation Services is well aware of the range of languages that we cater. Apart from French, Italian, German and Japanese, the company also provides services of Chinese interpretation. So, yes, we do fulfill the interpretation requirements in these varied international as well as the Indian regional languages.

For a linguist, the most difficult and challenging field to master is that of interpretation. Therefore we only hire experts in this field. To fulfill and satisfy your requirements we ensure that you get interpreters who have education as well as prior deep rooted experience in the language in question. All the professional of our team is very proud of their interpretation skill and that is not without reason. Once you hire us, they have the caliber to justify their talents and the skills that they have acquired over a long period of time through their excellent services. We do not leave any space for you to complain. We are that good. No, we aren’t boasting but only enunciating the feedbacks and comments of the clients that we have already worked with. Our churches for our valuable services are as per industry standards.

We understand your needs and accordingly arrange a Chinese interpreter for you. Their research on your business and the particular event that you hire us for makes them perfectly fitting to your exact requirements.

The 3 pillars:

The prices, at which we offer our Chinese Interpretation Services, be it that of translation, transcription or interpretation, are highly competitive as well as at par with industry standards. This is how we have been successful in retaining almost 97% of our clients. Yes, we look into the conveniences of clients for sure, but being in business we also have to get ourselves a fair deal. For this reason, we have developed a policy to match prices as much as possible. This means, that if you see that you are getting the services of a Chinese interpreter in some other company at lower rates, we will definitely give it a try to match up.

We are extremely humble to our efficient team of project management. We work really hard to fulfill your expectations by owning up to our set levels and standards of interpretation services. As far as Chinese interpretation services are concerned, we ensure to provide award winning services. The linguistic specialists that we have on our team are both specialized in specific languages as well as highly certified. We cater to various different sectors and are the most trusted in the country and also overseas for our interpretation services.
Our interpreters have vast experiences in handling individual clients, political clients as well as business related clients. Thus, it is understood that our Chinese Interpretation Services range from mid to high end.

To master the sort of interpreting a language and especially a complex one like Chinese, it takes a lot. It goes beyond just having bilingual skills. We provide you with highly skilled professionals to stand at the podium with you having sufficient knowledge about the sector in the course of interpretation. So, not just in the language but to ensure your success the interpreters are also acquainted with the targeted sector.

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