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Language Localization

Language localization is not merely the translation of text from one language to the other; it is a complex process of adapting the content to a region’s local language and culture. On one hand, translation helps in bridging language barriers, on the other hand, localization helps in refining the language and curating the brand to meet cultural expectations of the market.

We at Lingo Solution provide language localization services for the following type of content:

  • Website
  • Applications
  • Software
  • Graphics
  • Sub-titles
  • User guides

We partner with our clients to help them take their business to a global level. Our team of experts hold meetings with the clients to understand their business model, the product line and target audience in a better way. Based on the understanding, our team designs a customised solution for the client. You can trust us for quality work delivered in the stipulated time to you. The languages we cater to include German, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese among others.

Our team of experts are trained professionals in this field and have a good amount of experience working for clients. We promise to deliver you best in class and error free content. We have long been known for delivering language localized content with 99.99% accuracy which is best as per industry standards.

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