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Language Transcription Services

Transcription is important due to many reasons. This task calls for the assistance of an expert. Someone who can handle the task properly should be given the responsibility of doing the transcription. Wrong transcription can lead to several troubles. You might have to face lawsuit. You might have to face dispute which can create trouble for your business as well. While in the meeting, it is not possible to remember all the details in proper form. This is one of the reason, why you should pot for transcription service from someone who can handle it. Experience is important here and you must look for someone who has both skill and experience.

We team Lingo Solutions offer language transcription services to both businesses and individuals. We understand that the businesses have the need to maintain detailed records of all the communications that have been made during the professional discussion procedure.

It is not usual to have dedicated staffs at most of the meetings or seminars who would record everything from beginning to end. Such expertise requires experience and skill both at the same time. It is not possible for the members who are involved in the meetings and seminars to take down the notes.

Here comes our service. We have accumulated the right team which would be responsible for the record keeping. With our professional present at your business premise, you would not have to fear losing any data related to business meetings or seminars.

Most of the business meetings are video recorded and also the task of the transcription is outsourced to some experienced company.

How can our service help you?

Yes, you can ask this question. You can wonder how our service can help you. We offer diverse range of services to our clients. Legal transcription is one of the services which we offer. Anything which is related to law needs painstaking focus. One missing comma can change the meaning of an entire document. This is the reason, you don’t have the luxury to make mistakes with legal transcription. Anyone responsible for this task must have legal knowledge along with proper transcription knowledge. You simple cannot go wrong here.

We offer transcription service for different legal proceedings including court proceedings, arguments and trials. We even follow verdicts and offer legal transcription service for that too. These tasks are performed by our specialized team who are hired for their legal knowledge and transcription skill only. They have the skill to hear and write at the same time. Accuracy is our forte and we guarantee accuracy for all the work that we perform.

Medical transcription is another important service which we offer. It requires more than just language skill. The one responsible for this, needs to be dependable and flexible. The person must pay attention to details and have multitasking ability. We have hired our medical transcription team for these qualities only. They all can multitask and are result driven.

Even though the team is hires for their expertise, we still make sure to provide training to make sure that the service they provide is of high quality.

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