We at Lingo Solution are experts in writing sub-titles for movies, serials and other forms of videos. Subtitles are a unique form of content and have properties different from any other forms of content. Subtitling is an audio-visual translation and has its own rules and guidelines. It is done for movies, serials and any other form of video to make viewers who do not understand the language, can understand the videos and enjoy them. Sub-titles on each screen are limited to two lines and each line is limited to 35 characters. Taking into consideration the guidelines, our team of experts write catchy and meaningful sub-titles to put the entire video to words. The sub-titling is done word by word so that no dialogues are lost or moulded to change the real meaning as that in the videos. By doing this, viewers can enjoy serials and movies from varied languages. We deliver work that is edited and proof-read before final submission. Our team also knows how to work under constraints of time and whenever needed, can submit work on an urgent basis.


Video Subtitling

Digitalization has captured the entire market, and if you are in this field, then it is time to fasten your seat belts. Speed in which videos are streaming and getting viral worldwide, sitting with one or two languages will not work at all. Garnish your videos with subtitles in any given language with Lingo Solutions.

  • Accurate flow of subtitles with no hitches involved

  • No barrier of languages for subtitling

  • Industry expert voice subtitling experts

  • Outstanding and premium output

We are filled with experts in subtitles who understand the tone, emotions, and language. Instead of writing the dialogue as it is, we keep our focus on decorating it superbly by merging the flow of work be it education, philosophy, movies, TV serials, commercials, cartoons and the list of languages has no end at all. Let us join together over a meeting and get the subtitling project working.


Movie Subtitling

Do you want your story to be listened by the audience all over the world, then it needs to cut down the language barriers with effectiveness. Lingo Solutions is a pioneer in Movie Subtitling and holds the capability to resonate the motive of the movie with eminence.

  • Perfect subtitling of the movies all the way through

  • Express spinning of subtitles in any language; Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc

  • Decked up with experts and native language subtitle artists

Buck up, as no one is going to stop your movie from achieving success on an international upfront. Along with this, there will be no hefty bills lingering in the names of subtitling services as our services are extremely cost-effective. Sit together to communicate on the language, tone, and emotions that you are looking for, and we can assure you best quality results so it can reach a maximum audience across borders.