Since our inception in 2010, we at Lingo Solution have primarily been dealing with translation services and have hence, over the years become pioneers in the field. Taking forward our hard work and determination, we expanded to other services out of which transcription is a crucial one. A precise and free flowing transcript document is what we provide for all sorts of audio and video files. Our experts have an eye for details and no matter how many speakers are there in the audio/video or howsoever long it is, you will receive precise, meaningful and accurate content. We are even capable of meeting extremely short deadlines and work on a priority basis for projects which have a limited submission time.

Our transcription services are mainly focussed on business, medical and legal related purposes. Our team of experts consists of people who are learned and have good amount of professional experience. We also conduct regular training sessions for them so that they can build on their skills and always be ahead of the others.

Audio/ Video Transcription

We do audio/video transcription on a word to word basis without missing out on any information. This way the real meaning of the content is preserved and there is no loss of data. We provide an accurate written piece of all that is spoken in the audio/ video. We can proudly say that our team of trained and experienced professionals have acquired the right skills to translate any audio/ video to text in the most efficient way. There will be no loss of data or the real meaning of the content.   

Medical Transcription

We are also experts in the field of medical transcription. Attention to details and an eye for deep analysis are very important in this field and our team is fully equipped with all these skills. We not only ensure quality of work but on time delivery too.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription documents are professional sets of information which need to be written word by word without affecting the real information even a bit. We provide exact solutions in such cases while keeping the original information unchanged. Our team of qualified experts work with much finesse which has brought us many reputed clients in the past few years. Our experts can also convert the jargons into simple and easily understood words for better understanding.

Movie Transcription

We at Lingo Solution also do transcription of full length movies so that they are understood as well as enjoyed by people who otherwise do not understand the language well. Our team of experts are movie buffs themselves and know how to maintain the entertainment quotient while keeping the meaning intact.