Lingo Solution is a leading translation service company providing translation service in more than 350 languages including a plethora of Indian regional languages as well as foreign languages. Our translators are mostly natives of the particular region and have acquired skills and knowledge in the field of translation.


• Our translators are natives of the place and possess professional translation capabilities.

• We provide translation in over 350 languages- both regional as well as foreign languages.

• Timely delivery of projects- can work under short deadlines too.

• Competitive prices in the industry.

Benefits for your company

• Get content translated in multiple languages

• Target prospects from regions speaking varied languages

• Impress your clients/ prospective clients with your knowledge of multiple languages

• Put out your message correctly to people speaking language different from yours

We provide translation services in the following areas:

Translation in SRT format : We at Lingo Solution can help you with translation in SRT format. Every movie or video when posted online looks complete when sub-titles are added to it. From the plethora of languages known to mankind, you need to pick the language relevant to your audience. Since a video can contain sub-titles in only one language at a time, you will need to write sub-titles in different languages. We at Lingo Solution help you translate the sub-titles from one language to another and the translation is done in SRT format so that the file is capable enough to be added to any video.

Movies Translation : All of us love to watch movies, don’t we? India is a country of different languages and cultures and hence, the industry for movies and entertainment is vast. North Indians love to watch Tollywood action sequences as much as they love watching the Bollywood romance. Similarly, South Indians are equally excited to see the Bollywood drama. But to connect people from different corners of the country, we need a common language. Movies are made in more than 40 languages in India and it is impossible for an individual to get a taste of all the languages. We at Lingo Solution make it possible for everyone to watch and enjoy movies from different regions of India with the help of our translation services. We have experts on board belonging to different regions of the country and speaking different languages who help translate the movies from one language to another without losing its real meaning.

Indian Regional Languages : India is a country with diverse cultures and languages. More than 1500 languages are spoken across the nation and we, the citizens of India enjoy these diverse flavours. As a nation, we are known for unity in diversity that connects us and makes us one strong nation. We at Lingo Solution can help you translate your content to various regional languages including Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Bengali to name a few. We can also assist you in translating regional content to English. Not merely a word by word translation, our experts give proof-read content which preserves the original meaning and is free of errors. Our team includes people who are natives of various places and are well versed with the respective languages.

Foreign Languages : We live in a global world. Every business in today’s age aspires to go ‘glocal’- global + local. But in order to venture into any land, the first and foremost requirement is to know their language. If you speak what they speak too, you will be able to form a better connect with them and form everlasting relationships. We at Lingo Solution are a team of qualified experts in various languages like French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and any other you think can help your business scale new heights. We can help translate your English content into several other languages and if needed, content from other languages back to English. Work done by our team undergoes layers of editing and is free of any errors.

Chinese translation : China has immense opportunities for business growth. If you are a business planning to export or import to or from foreign lands, China will definitely be at the top of your list. Mastering the Chinese language is not easy as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Countries like India aren’t yet promoting the Chinese language in schools and educational institutions. In such a scenario, you would need an expert to translate Chinese content to English or vice versa. We at Lingo Solution do both Chinese to English as well as English to Chinese translation. We are known for quality and on time delivery of work. Our team of experts include professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language and are certified or trained in the same. We not only do a word by word translation but also keep the meaning of the original content in place. We also encourage our clients to have an in depth discussion with us before we proceed with the translation so that there is no misunderstanding with the expectation and delivery of the work done. We assure our clients the best quality of work better than the industry standards and in the timeline they ask for.

Japanese Translation : Japan is the third largest economy, only after the United States and China. Therefore, in this world of rapidly changing and evolving business trends, it's a must for the developing businesses to keep pace. Japan is one such country that offers a sea of opportunities when it comes to trade and commerce. However, the language acts as a hindrance. Japanese is considered to be one of the most difficult languages of the world- difficult pronunciations, three major writing styles and the way of expression to name a few. The Japanese, unlike us, prefer their native language for work. Hardly do they speak English and moreover, the businesses that could communicate in Japanese are given a preference.

We understand that being a professional, it's quite difficult for you to learn Japanese as you plan the growth of your business. Therefore, we have designed ourselves to suit you and your work. We offer language translation services. Our experts assist you to translate English to Japanese. Additionally, you could also rope us in to decipher the Japanese text in English or Hindi, as it suits you. Over and above this, we fully understand how important it is for you to clearly understand the terms and conditions that are discussed in a conference. For that, we have a special skilled team of Conference Interpreters that would translate each and every word of your counterpart to you, in your language, which is no easy job for a language like the Japanese.

We expect you to hire us because we filter our experts on the basis of both academics and practical skill, because we believe that application is the mother of all learning. At no point of time would you feel the degradation of quality, because your wish is our command. Your deadlines are as valuable to us as they are to you. Therefore, you need not worry about late delivery of work.