Website and Application Localization

Language localization is not merely the translation of text from one language to the other; it is a complex process of adapting the content to a region’s local language and culture. On one hand, translation helps in bridging language barriers, on the other hand, localization helps in refining the language and curating the brand to meet cultural expectations of the market.

We at Lingo Solution provide language localization services for the following type of content:

  • Website

  • Applications

  • Software

  • Graphics

  • Sub-titles

  • User guides


Targeting the central nerve of the customers might be hard; if you have not opened the doors for localisation. Customers give brownie points to the ones that offer the services and products in the native language. In return, it proffers the website with a plethora of customers along with diminishes the risk.
So, shake hands with our team, where you will find the preeminent industry experts working on the localisation of websites since ages. We will serve you with establishing credibility in the market place with quality translation, amicable conjuncture of languages and high-end competition roaring outside all at an affordable rate.


Willing to amplify your business sales and want to make it big? If yes, then introduce your business application to the customers in the native language. We are here to furnish you with best application localisation services.
Our motto is not only to translate the content and make it readable plus; the focal point is to grab the attention of the customers by creating quality and comfortable podium. Feel free to opt for our services and get the translation done in any of the formats say- HTML, VB, Flash, Java, PHP and the list has no end to it.


It’s high time to kickass the market by introducing the software into a native language with no cultural and technical barriers. Reach out to our team and translate your software for computing, education, PC programmes, or even for gaming purposes as well.

How are we dissimilar from others?

  • Automated and effective localisation of software

  • Adaptable to any specified coding languages – HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc

  • All-inclusive and affordable approach to reaching the target audience

Our team is working with a series of software localisation experts who will help you in getting your work done with utter ease and no hidden fees intact.


Struggling with the translation of graphics? If your answer is yes, then localise your graphics with the help of our experts in just minutes. Whether it is screen captures or text callouts, we have the potency to deliver unsurpassed graphic localisation services without any glitches.

Our soldiers will aid you in bringing top-notch user experiences and newly added customer base by creating an incredible piece of localisation for the entire graphic user interface components. Connect with us now, and begin with the next subsequent process to enjoy additional benefits like editable text layers, reduced file storage capacity, and enough storage place.


We are the best curators who will facilitate you with the adaptation of any given language from the existing one with a transparent approach. Every word that is fixed in the process of Sub-titling is directly proportional to the language or the dialogue portrayed on screen. This way, there is no place for any mistakes, and at the same time, the audience will stay glued with the video all round the clock.
Furthermore, we have a bunch of linguistics that will create appealing sub-titles by rightfully tailoring it. Our motto is to ensure Sub-titling services for education, business, seminars, entertainment, and so on.


Expecting the user guides of your company to reach millions but unable to discover results? It might be because of the complexity of the languages. Our company will assist you with the apt interpretation of the user-guides with the efficient, fast, and accurate approach. We are the ones who can trust for the localisation services and at the same time can avoid all you costly mistakes in one go.
Let all your employees and customer get familiar with your services with our flawlessly translating services. It will flag up your business to all new level and bring together the entire target audience in one set platform.




We partner with our clients to help them take their business to a global level. Our team of experts hold meetings with the clients to understand their business model, the product line and target audience in a better way. Based on the understanding, our team designs a customised solution for the client. You can trust us for quality work delivered in the stipulated time to you. The languages we cater to include German, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese among others.

Our team of experts are trained professionals in this field and have a good amount of experience working for clients. We promise to deliver you best in class and error free content. We have long been known for delivering language localized content with 99.99% accuracy which is best as per industry standards.